Demon Core 2.3
Demon Core 2.3

Demon Core v2.3 – Double BEC mini PDB with LC Filter


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Product Description

Demon Core Mini Power Distribution Board v2.3 is well-equipped and stackable PDB for mini FPV quads with double BEC and the best possible filtering.
V2 is redesigned from the ground, only highest quality components have been used for this project.
Ideally suited for small quads such as 4″ , 5″ , 6″ like an Alien, QAV, Blackout, VDQ, LiftRC and rest CF Frames on the market.
All boards are tested before shipping.
Made in EU.

DEMON CORE is a very simple PDB but like others electrical devices need some electrical and mechanical abilities. Read instruction manual before soldering.

– 3-8S batteries supported
– 120A constant, 180A burst
– 36 x 36 x 5.5mm with 30.5 x 30.5mm holes
– Integrated Butterworth LC filter for both lines (5V,12V)
– 12V step down regulator – 1A with cooling, 0.6A without
– 5V step down regulator – 0.6A with cooling, 0.4A without
– 5V/12V switch for CCD board camera (filtered power)
– 5V/12V switch for video transmitter (filtered power)
– 5V/12V switch for OSD (filtered power)
– OSD bypass switch for no-OSD setups
– Shunt for OSD video in/out
– Reverse polarity protection of battery input
– Super low profile: 4,5 mm
– Weight: 7g

Our clients flights powered by Demon Core PDB: