Demon Soul F4 – High Performance Flight Controller


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Product Description

The Demon Soul F4 Flight Controller is designed and manufactured in Europe using the highest possible quality of components.

Unique design has resulted super low profile of the Flight Controller ( 2mm only ).
By using ESC pads located in corners of the board, your build will be the cleanest ever.
By using built in power for Buzzer, you no longer will have to spend hours for finding your quad.
By using built in Smartport Inverter Telemetry, you have full control of your lipo voltage.
By using Boot pads located at the edge of the board, you will no longer have to disassemble your quad.
Thanks to smart design, Demon Soul is adapted to XSR and X4Rsb FRSky Receivers.
By using RX power supply via usb you will no longer have to plug your lipo in order to make any changes in gui.

set tlm_inversion = OFF
set sport_halfduplex = OFF


Zadig and VCP stm32 Drivers Download:

For best possible performance of Demon Soul FC, Demon Core Double BEC PDB with LC Filter or Demon PULSE PDB is highly recommended. Those products are adapted to each other so it is the best way to build everything the cleanest possible way without cable mess. Demon Core v2.3 link Demon PULSE link

– Gyro connected to fast communication peripherial – SPI
– Gyro located as close as possible to the center of FC
– Separate ground plane for gyro power supply
– Separate power supply for gyro – low noise high accurate LDO
– Built in inverter for S-bus – receiver FrSky
– Ultra low noise LDOs for power supply MCU, gyro
– Built in resistor divider for VBat measurment
– Built in power for Buzzer
– Built in Smartport Inverter Telemetry
– FrSky Taranis, Futaba, JR, IBus, Sbus and other radio support
– 3x serial uarts
– MCU: STM32F405 @ 192MHz
– MPU-6000 Module
– Bluetooth expandable
– GPS expandable
– Boot pads located at the edge of FC, easy access
– 2x high performance LC filters
– FRSky XSR and X4R RX pinouts adapted
– Demon Core v2.3 adapted
– Conductive hardware ready
– RX powered via usb, no need to use lipo
– Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm
– Mounting holes: 30.5mm squared to center of holes