DemonRC FreeX 5X – DJI FPV Freestyle Frame


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DemonRC Freex is our newest product. The main idea was to create a really reliable and perfectly balanced, lightweight quad which will not ruin your wallet !

DemonRC Freex is a shared project ! That means … anyone can make any kind of mounts for Gopro or similar cameras, DJI System, Micro or Nano Analog FPV cameras, Antennas – You are Free in your choices with better basis for your designs  ! 😀

The frame is not equipped with TPU mounts – you should print provided by DemonRC stl files or design your own solutions based on Freex shared STL Model.

Important: Freex with DJI FPV System and recommended parts that we isted below weights 299 grams before lipo and 430-470 grams AUW (1100/1300mah) !

Licence Note: DemonRC FreeX Frame design is property of DemonRC – altering, copying or selling carbon fiber elements is strictly prohibited and will be punished with legal consequences. You can use the FreeX shared design to create your own addons like: Gopro Mount, Antenna Mount, Fpv Camera Mount or similar addons. The design of carbon fiber elements is property of DemonRC and may not be edited, copied or distributed without the written consent of a DemonRC Representative.

DJI System 3D Prints Download Link (including TBS immortal T mount) – NEW PARTS ! ALSO FOR ANALOG FPV 😉

DemonRC FreeX Frame STL Download Link (you can use it only to design your own addons)

DemonRC Product Update 23-09-2020: 
*Top Plate thickness changed from 1,5 mm to 2mm
*You can choose now 3D Printed Parts – DJI Set and Analog Set:
-DJI Set include: DJI Camera Mount, DJI Antennas Mount, TBS Immortal T Mount, Airunit Mount
-Analog Set include: Analog Cam mount (19x19mm), Foxeer Lollipop Mount as default (if you want Micro Lollipop or TBS Triumph PRO please leave a note in Order Notes), TBS Immortal T Antenna Mount

Here you can see absolutely amazing clip – made by Łukasz Lewenda

Specifications :

  • – 223 mm motor to motor ( XS – X Short Layout )
  • – 30 x 30 and 20 x 20 mm Stacks compatible
  • – 5.5mm 3k Twill weave carbon fiber Arms
  • – 2mm 3k Twill weave carbon fiber Bottom Plate
  • – 1.5mm 3k Twill weave carbon fiber Top Plate, Center Plate
  • – Pressnuts factory mounted.
  • – Weight 95g with 10.9 steel screws. You can go down to 85g with Aluminium body screws.

Highly recommended hardware:

Frame Kit included:

3k Twill weave carbon fiber:

  • – Bottom Plate – 2mm
  • – Center Plate – 1.5mm
  • – Top Plate – 2mm
  • – 4x Arms – 5.5mm


  • – 20x M3x8mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel
  • – 8x M3x10mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel
  • – 4x M3x12mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel
  • – 4x M3x14mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel
  • – 4x M3x25mm Textured Round Spacer – 7075-T6 Aluminium
  • – 4x M3x18mm Textured Round Spacer – 7075-T6 Aluminium
  • – 8x M3 Pressnut – Steel (factory mounted in middle plate)


  • – 1x 4mm Anti Slip Lipo Pad
  • – 1x 4mm Balance Pad ( For checking CoG )

3D Printed Parts (optional):

  1. DJI FPV Set:
    • DJI Camera Mount
    • Airunit Mount
    • DJI Antennas Mount
    • TBS Immortal T Mount
  2. Analog FPV Set:
    • Analog Camera Mount
    • Analog Antennas Mount – Foxeer Lollipop as default – please leave a note in Order Notes during Checkout if you want Micro Lollipop Mount or TBS Triumph Pro Mount
    • TBS Immortal T Mount

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
3D Printed Parts

DJI Set, Analog Set, No Thanks

Gopro Mount

Gopro 6/7 Mount 20 deg, Gopro 6/7 Mount 25 deg, Gopro 6/7 Mount 30 deg, No Thanks