FLOW (5XS) – Low Profile Professional Freestyle Frame


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The FLOW frame is designed from scratch by Blazo, our fpv team pilot and designer.
After first succesful project – Blaze, he wanted to make another step forward, and make this project even better. You can call it Blaze v2, the idea is the same: to create the most durable frame with best flight characteristics. It’s even stronger and lighter now, with more space for your stack and lipo battery.

We tested a lot of geometry types, and found hybrid XShort frame that performed best.
We strengthened the most fragile places making frame even stronger.
Motor to motor lenght is 230mm. Together with small and low profile body, it can take 5.5″ propellers with ease!

5.5mm thick Arms can be produced narrower with same strength, giving less drag and resistance to air. Together with huge interlocking in the middle, thicker Arms which are making the frame very stiff, less vibrations go to your gyro. Try it, and you’ll notice less prop wash immediately.
In addition to that, we added aluminium washers under all arms screws, they increase a friction between screw and carbon, so you don’t need to thighten arms screws every few flights = no vibrations from loose arms.

It took us 5 prototypes and half year of active testing before we could show you this piece of art.

All 3d print mounts are high quality printed with black TPU, they were precisely designed by Blazo to be light and durable. Just like the frame!

All hardware screws are high grade 10.9 steel, so you’ll probably never need to replace them!
Motor screws and landing pads are included for every frame, and pressnuts are factory mounted in middle plate.
Anti Slip Lipo Pad is 5mm tall so it protects your lipos even better.

With all theese features, this almost indestructible frame weights only 93 grams with steel hardware. You can go down to 85g with Aluminium! Build under 600g with gopro hero7? – no problem with this design!

FC sensors, Center of Gravity and Center of Thrust meet at the same place what guarantees the best possible Freestyle flight characteristics.
CoG vs CoT meet at the same place in all 3 axes !
This is an ideal quad for Freestyle.

You can check BlazoFpv testing FLOW frame here:

Specifications :

230 mm motor to motor ( XS – X Short Layout )
30.5 x 30.5 and 20 x 20 mm Stacks compatible
93 grams with 10.9 steel hardware!
5.5mm 3k Twill weave carbon fiber Arms
2mm 3k Twill weave carbon fiber Top plate, Middle Plate, Bottom Plate
5″ and 5.5″ propellers compatible!
Motor screws and landing pads included, pressnuts factory mounted.

Recommended hardware:

Props: 5 or 5.5 inch TriBlades
Motors: 2208 DemonRC Inferno v2 Motor
ESCs: BlHeli32 4 in 1 ESC
Flight controller: F4 or F7 FC
Camera: Micro ( 19.5mm )
Video Transmitter: TBS UNIFY Pro, TBS UNIFY Evo
Battery: 1100 mAh DRC Fusion 5S, 1300mAh DRC Fusion 4S

Frame Kit included:


Bottom Plate – 2mm
Middle Plate – 2mm
Top Plate – 2mm
4x Arms – 5.5mm


16x M3x8mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel (Body)
16x M3x8mm Button Head Socket Screw – 10.9 Steel (Motors)
8x M3x20mm Textured Round Spacer – 7075-T6 Aluminium
8x M3 Pressnut – Steel (factory mounted in middle plate)
8x M3 Aluminium washers (For arm screws)
1x FPV micro camera mount – TPU (pair)


1x 5mm Anti Slip Lipo Pad
4x Foam landing Pads

3D Printed Parts ( TPU – Black ):

1x FPV camera mount (steel m2 washers included)

This product page doesn’t include other TPU prints, visit FLOW 5XS3D page for TPU set included => Click here

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